This special series of photographs taken with a mobile phone by graphic designer and photographer Cem Günbek, called “Colors in My Pocket”, takes you to an endless universe of colors and forms.

The special collection named “Art in Stone State”, the slogan produced by Cem Günbek for Stoneline, consists of a total of 35 works.

The photographs in the exhibition, which is the result of the artist’s selection from hundreds of detailed photographs taken in Stoneline’s rich natural stone stocks over a two-year period, only have numbers.

Stoneline Art Gallery

Cem Günübek

In 1983, he graduated from the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, MSGSÜ Graphics Department. He provided advertising and promotion services as a creative director in the agencies he founded. He created more than two hundred products in the field of books and book covers. He still continues to work as a graphic designer and art consultant in Istanbul. He publishes his photography works, which are of special interest and expertise, on social media.