2020 – Viewed Up To Seen/Group Exhibition

The group exhibition “Viewed Up to Seen”, consisting of the works of two young artists, Sırma Şiir Okan and Hatice Akyüz, who is working with concepts such as collective life, urbanization and migration. The show was opened to the visitors until 5 November 2020 at Stoneline Art Gallery.

The show gathers around  different techniques such as photography, painting, printing. Hatice Akyüz and Sırma Şiir Okan brings new perspectives on the social life’s personal and collective

structure. In Hatice Akyüz’s works, she works with  the ruins in the city that, there is not much left except the absence of its once inhabitants; on a plane blended with space, time, energy and memory

they come across. Through photographs and engravings; The “house”, which is a private place, collapsed in the political order, By being open to “others”, it is included in the public sphere.

In Sirma Şiir Okan’s works, the spatiality of the audience and the canvas or paper is dealt with by establishing a relationship between its spatiality.

It is detached from its original spaces and pasted on an artificial plane, beetles deprived of their belonging collectively and individually. The artist highlights concepts such as belonging and immigration and creates new space for alternative readings.