“ART IN STONE” Series / 2018 Stonline Exclusive Collection

The special series of photographs “Colors in My Pocket” have been shot on smartphone by graphic design artist and photographer Cem Günübek.

“Art in Stone”; an exclusive collection of 35 pieces, a selection from “Colors in My Pocket” will take you to a universe of infinite colors and shapes.

The artist has captured hundreds of detail photographs in the rich natural stone stocks of Stoneline in the last two years. The photographs selected for this exhibition have numbers only.

The exhibition “Colors in My Pocket” consisting of the artist’s works can be visited at Stoneline Art Gallery.

Stoneline Art Gallery

About Cem Günübek;

In 1983, he graduated from Graphic Design of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts (State Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul). He offered services as creative director in the field of advertising in the agencies he established. He accomplished more than 200 projects of books and book covers. He carries on his work as graphic artist and creative director in Istanbul. He shares his photographs that are his field of interest and expertise in social media.

  • In AURA Istanbul (The Istanbul Architecture & Urbanism Research Academy), member of the advisory board as director of corporate identity and creative consultant
  • In Stoneline, director of corporate identity and creative consultant
  • In Beykent University, Graphic Design and Department of Visual Communication, part-time instructor