Aura Summer Academy

Since its founding, Stoneline has supported AURA-Istanbul Architecture and Urbanism Research Academy. Now AURA is in cooperation with D-Koy for  AURA Summer Academy which is being held in the village of Doganbey, Soke. A historical journey by AURA Summer Academy has started to the ancient towns OF Priene, Dydima, Miletos and Aphrodias for the crossroads of art, architecture and archeology.

About Aura İstanbul;

AURA Istanbul is a non-profit organization.

The Academy provides an intensive one semester research program for participants who are interested in architecture, urban design and urban landscape. The Academy emphasizes the exploration of architecture as a mode of cultural production, and aims to develop researchers’ understanding of the engagement of the built environment with broader social, political, and environmental systems.

The Academy is dedicated to accommodating a diversity of interests, and to providing both the physical and educational space for researchers to explore their individual objectives in a supportive studio environment.For more information, you can visit