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Terrazzo is now on Stoneline!

As Stoneline, we always choose the most beautiful natural stones in the world, add them to our collection and offer them to your service for your valuable projects. In addition to this cooperation, in accordance with the environmentalist approach that we believe you are sensitive to; We decided to evaluate the wastes that emerged in various processes as terrazzo and palladian terrazzo with an artistic approach.

In this direction, we proudly announce that we have started making epoxy or cement-based terrazzo and palladian terrazzo depending on the design preferences and the thickness of the stone.

Our floor color options, as well as our stone options, include a wide range especially for epoxy terrazzo. It is possible to make the desired color from Ral, Pantone or any color chart you prefer.

We want you to know that we are ready to make your terrazzo designs as well. We invite you to design “do it your terrazzo” with the aggregate of your choice, that is, stone fragments in different millimetric sizes and the paste color you choose.

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