We know very well how tiny details make huge differences in projects and it’s our objective to present the best state of stone to all of our customers. For this reason, slab quality control starts with placing the block on the gangsaw.

We carefully monitor all actions from cutting the block to turn it into a slab to make sure that slabs enter the quality control process at their best shape.

The size, thickness, pattern, surface finish, smoothness and many other criteria are checked during quality control which is followed by filling the quality control form. Then we take photos of each slab. In case of stones with frequent pattern variations, we support photos with videos. Then, all photos and videos are shared with the customer. The purpose here is to reflect the status of slabs to the customer – whether a distributor or a project owner. In this way, customers are assured whether slabs will fit to the project and the collection or not.

The slabs that pass quality control (inspection) successfully and approved by the customer are then bundled and dispatched. During loading of the bundles, all actions are again recorded with photos and reported to the customer.