Natural Stone Care

You can protect the beauty of the marble surfaces of  your living spaces for many years, paying attention to the issues we have compiled for you below.

Request sealing for your table, coffee table and countertop in case they are made of natural stone. This process will provide longer protection for the surface when done with the correct material and application.

Avoid hard or rough cleaning clothes, use microfiber-like soft-tissue materials during cleaning.

Instead of chemical-containing cleaning materials, prefer neutral cleaning with pH 7, diluted soft soap and warm water. Dry the surface with a soft cloth after cleaning. Do not try the products intended  for ceramic and similar materials to solve a problem on the surface, get advice from your manufacturer if possible.


Try using coasters for your table, coffee table and countertops for better protection. use furniture pads in order to avoid stratches to happen. Avoid letting hot materials directly from oven to contact the surface.

Drinks such as tea, coffee, wine, and acid-containing foods such as lemon, tomato, vinegar, etc., must not contact with surface for a long period.In the case of contacts of such products they must be cleaned immediately.