Tuğba Çınar


1989, İstanbul


Graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 2015. (2nd of Degree Project)

Phobia, which is defined as the state of fear of an object or a situation, causes continuous anxiety, is a state of exaggerated and unreasonable reactions that one cannot intentionally prevent. After the process of interrogating himself as a result of internal conflicts, the artist uses it as a formal confrontation in his work on the phenomenon of phobia. This series, which the artist produces when questioning the concept of fear, functions as a mirror, and aims to reveal the questions and internal contradictions that the individual asks himself about the nature of fear.

Group Exhibitions

2015 ‘8 Identity, 8 Trace’ M.U. Cumhuriyet Museum and Art Gallery

2015 Atelier of Material Painting, Student Exhibition, M.U.G.S.F.

2015 ‘9 Young Artists’ Caddebostan Cultural Center

2015 ‘Art for Everyone’ Macka Art Gallery

2015 ‘Bazart’ Hotel Sofa
2015 ‘Art for Everyone’ Macka Art Gallery


150×100, Oil Painting on Canvas, 2015