Rabia Kalyoncu


1998, İstanbul


I aim to place the satellite dishes that create a crowded image on the surface of the buildings on vague, plain, flat surfaces and focus the viewer on objects that do not attract attention when they come across a window. While satellite dishes are just an infrastructure object outside the household, the television images that enter the household attract my attention, so I create images that contain satellite dishes. With the coldness of the colors I use, I make the spaces look vague and sterile.

Group Exhibition

2017 ‘Superficial Tension’ Gallery Ekol, Istanbul

2018 ‘Trail’ Kadikoy Municipality Art Center for Youth, Istanbul

2019 ‘Adjacent’ Print Painting Exhibition, MUGSF, Istanbul

Rabia Kalyoncu

25 x 25, Acryllic on Canvas, 2019

Rabia Kalyoncu

50 x 35, Acryllic on Canvas, 2018