Güneş Oktay


1984, İstanbul


2012- Competence in Art, Marmara University, Institute of Fine Arts, Department of Painting

2002-2006 Undergraute, Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting.

These works formed by myself; focus on what sometimes covered by masking, sometimes accumulating within and hiding invisible. At the same time the effort of reading the script as an plastic object, and evolving reading instict against it, script and language break apart from what they told and directing it to seeing instead of reading. Thus consequent layers or voice turns into noise, the paradoxal field is created between to see and to speak.

Personal Exhibitions

2012 “Levantando Capas” Galeria La Pan, Barselona

2010 ‘Between the Things’ ALANistanbul Istanbul

2008 ‘Ben-lik’ Tiyatro-Z Gallery, Istanbul

Some Group Exhibitons

2014 ‘Localities and Global Discourses’ Cumhuriyet Museum, Istanbul

2014 “El descanso del guerrero”, Sanfest, Madrid


50×34, Litograph Print, 2014


44×32, Serigraph Painting, 2014


44×32, Serigraph Painting, 2014


44×32, Serigraph Painting, 2014