Arek İpek


1995, İstanbul


Graduated Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Art(FFA), Department of Painting in 2017

Culture, beliefs, myths, taboos, mystic universes, shamanism, rituels, thetricals, religious perceptions…

How does the art reflect this World, the culture, we have created and existing meanings. How do we perceive the meaning itself in the scope of our beliefs and habits? How do we catch different perspectives? The artist aims to identify the concepts that are constantly changing and stand still in the culture and to make them sensible in our lives with an artistic consciousness.

Group Exhibition

2017- Marmara University FFA Graduation Exhibition

2017- Caprcha Design Festival Mannheim, Germany

2017- ‘Ben-im’ Galateaart Gallery, Istanbul

2016- Conseptual Art Studies’ Vienna, Austria

2015- ‘Locality and Global Discourse’ Workshop Exhibition, California, USA

Arek İpek

25×25, Oil Painting on Canvas, 2018